Reviews of WhatsApp Messenger may be helpful to you

Reviews of WhatsApp Messenger may be helpful to you

We use
communication apps almost everyday,which do you want best?What manifestation of it allures you most?Today,I’ll share some reviews of
WhatsApp Messenger for you personally,you will find
whatsapp free download at 9apps.

I like this application and I have tried personally it for any lengthy time. It’s literally really the only application I take advantage of on my small mobile phone. But I am wondering, when is it likely to put a storage status update on androids like on apple apple iphone? Is WhatsApp stretching its like to get this as people need it. Also, Android is a lot more equipped to handle these products so please inform us when the will most likely be placed in updates. Thanks as well as in the truly amazing work!

Amazing application, thanks In voice calls essentially provide an average wireless connection, the voices are postponed, and i also hear your lover after usual..i think you will determine what I’m saying… In the event you fix this, then you’re the most effective messaging application team ever…. For example Line messenger has amazing voice call stability during low wireless connection… And If it’s possible increase the risk for pictures that are shipped not to lower their real resolution… Anyway, continue the truly amazing work men and improving the applying!!!! Thanks!!

Need Privacy update Will there be any response 1. There has to be an option to repeat for the status from the friend. 2- There has to be a emoction for adopting same like BBM 3- There has to be a passionate whatsapp message tune like BBM. 4- There has to be a place indication as country flag same like BBM 5-There has to be additionally a choice where whenever you block the person all your chat history using their mobile should delete 6- whatsapp needs to be more sequre than BBM and there has to be furthermore a timer message and lastly,

Call Feature has Bug After using call feature, the appear is routed to earpiece rather than primary speaker. Tunes and multimedia appear can get carried out through earpiece! Needs reboot to repair.

These reviews maybe helpful for you personally.

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