Get fabulous prom hair in 2010

Get fabulous prom hair in 2010

Girls going to prom this year are stepping away from the overdone do’s of the ’80s and ’90s and are opting for a more relaxed hairstyle that still looks polished and put together when they head out at night. Sherri Swann, owner/stylist at The Art of Cut Color in Cherry Creek North, is seeing a prom hair trend of a more "lived in feel" than past years. Loose curls that are pulled off to the side or cascade down the back provide a romantic but relaxed look. Allie, a junior at Heritage High School, combined this trend with a modernized updo and requested a loose side chignon for her school’s prom.

While it is tempting to show up for your hair appointment with freshly washed hair, this isn’t best when it comes to formal styling. Sherri recommends dry, day old hair as the most ideal hair to continuously hold a style the entire night. Sherri also recommends bringing a picture of a style you are interested in whether printed out or on your phone, to show the stylist at your appointment. While some styles may feel a bit unobtainable based on hair length and texture, with the use of hair extensions and hair pieces, Sherri says "most pictures can be turned into reality" for her clients.

A loose side chignon, one of the top 5 trends for hair in 2010, like the one Allie had done, is not just a style for prom. Sherri provides a few simple steps (illustrated in the slide show images below) to allow any woman of any age with at least shoulder length hair to achieve this style. If length is an issue, extensions or hair pieces can help fill in any gaps.

As stated above, do not wash your hair the day of your event. One day old hair is ideal.

Section out the hair and using a 1" barrel curling iron, curl all of the sections.

Gently tease the top of the crown (top of the head) for added height. Gentle teasing is very important because while giant bouffants are popular on Jersey Shore, they don’t look good on anyone. The key to great hair in 2010 is a relaxed and natural look. Snooki does not know the definition of gentle, relaxed, or natural.

Using bobbie pins, secure the hair off to one side at the base of the neck. This is your time to be creative. Twist the hair a bit, or choose select curls to leave out. Keep in mind that the key to this style is keeping things loose. Loose curls and loose pinning are a must.

wholesale virgin hair in place, finish the style with a bit of hair spray and spray shine. Sherri recommends Catwalk Your Highness Collection Firm Hold Hairspray and Weightless
wholesale wigs Shine Spray which are available most professional salons around Denver.

If you are having your hair done early in the day, and have several hours until your event, take the curls around the face, wrap them around your finger, and pin them onto the sides of your hair at the temple. This will help to insure that they don’t get too loose before you leave the house. Once you have let the curls down and are ready to leave, finish off your style with a
Brazilian Hair Suppliers bit of hairspray and you’re ready to go.

Sherri Swann is a master stylist and colorist in Cherry Creek North and is always accepting new clients.

Want to download videos from mobile, Look at these apps

Want to download videos from mobile? Look at these apps

video downloader app might be a frequent app for virtually any mobile user. The key reason why may be different: to help a typical clip, upload videos for watching on items, etc. Just in case you search for “video downloader” online internet internet internet search engine, you’ll surely get thousands of results. And the reality is the very first 20-30 results most likely gives you the tool that eventually are capable of doing it download job. Isn’t it the key factor? On one for yellows, yes, because the needed video is downloaded along with the problem is solved. However, there’s lots of additional conditions which surely matter and which distinguish a great video downloader.

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Laser Hair Removal Is Really Permanent or temporary

Laser Hair Removal Is Really Permanent or temporary

Laser hair removal is the latest trend for people who want to get rid of unwanted body or facial hair. Using a laser to remove unwanted hair is presented as a procedure based on the state of the art technology, which is a fact. You also heard the claim that the procedure for laser hair removal is the ultimate in permanent hair removal. You’ve seen the ads claiming that laser treatments are quick, painless and safe.This all sounds very tempting, but too good to be true?To answer this question, hard look at this high tech hair removal procedure, and to see if these allegations prove to be reliable.The procedure for laser hair removal centers on the supply of light on the skin, measured at a given wavelength, using a handheld. The light focuses on the darker material on the skin. The white material is the pigment in hair. Intense light damages the hair follicle, slowing hair growth or eliminates future. This process occurs without affecting the surrounding skin tissue.A big advantage of laser hair removal treatments is the speed
wholesale hair at which the procedure may be indicated. Small areas like the upper lip can be treated in a matter of seconds. Large areas such as back or legs can be treated in just one hour. However, electrolysis can take up to 125 hours of treatment for the back area
wholesale virgin brazilian hair only.People who respond better to laser hair removal treatments tend to have lighter skin tones and darker hair. The higher the contrast, the easier it is for the laser light to focus on darker material, or pigment in the hair.The latest technological advances in laser hair removal have made the process more efficient for those with dark skin. Concern for the risk of tissue damage to the laser skin darker hair follicle that the weapons has been significantly reduced.In most cases, people with dark skin can be used in laser procedures. These people should not wait for the results as dramatic as candidates with experience advantageous features, light skin and dark hair.In almost all cases, the equipment of hair removal lasers used in these procedures have been evaluated and found safe by the FDA for hair removal. Of course, an important caveat applies here too the procedure is performed by a physician or a specialist. When you are looking for hair removal clinic, we recommend using a licensed physician to perform these treatments.Is laser hair removal treatment really painless?Laser treatment is a light delivered through a portable instrument that is attached to a laser console. As the high intensity light is delivered, some patients reported a tingling sensation. Thank you to the new technology, this tingling sensation will be reduced. Many new lasers are now incorporating a cooling system that automatically reduces or eliminates the heat from the surface of the skin during exposure to the laser.Most people describe the sensation as a slight tingling of the skin, and tolerate very well laser procedure. This does not mean that some areas of the body are more sensitive than others. In these cases, topical anesthesia can be administered before the procedure. General anesthesia or pain medication is usually not necessary.The results of the procedure for laser hair removal really permanent?Currently, the medical consensus is that the laser hair removal procedure will lead to different results, depending on the physical characteristics of the individual (ie, skin color, hair color, etc.) Normally, when a series of laser hair removal treatments, we can expect a very drastic reduction in hair growth. If and when the hair does not grow back, back to a lighter color or finer in structure.

How to Style very short hair for the busy mom

How to Style very short hair for the busy mom

For a mom, there is always so much to do that your own personal care routine may take a back seat. But in this video, top hair stylist Gary France offers tips on how to style very short hair for the busy mom. France shows us his process on a busy working mom. The client receives a lighter color to brighten up her look, a trim to texturize her hair and styles the hair without using a blow dryer, which is great for saving time. France shows us that just because you have kids to take care of does not mean you should let your self go! You can use this video as a how to on how to style your own hair, or use it for suggestions to take to your personal stylist.

As a new or busy mom, you may think you have no time for style. Well, in this tutorial from the experts at Modern Mom, get help from Robert Steinken, a Hollywood hair stylist, on how to tame your tresses quickly and easily. This video will focus on using a straightening iron to create fun curls in just a few short minutes. This method can be used for anything from bouncy curls to free flowing, beachy waves.

A straightening iron can be used to curl the hair by simply curving the tool slightly while running it down the hair shaft. Create a soft bend in the hair using a flat iron in this helpful.

How to curl short hair; get professional tips and advice on methods, techniques, and products for doing your own hairstyling in this free beauty video series.

Part 1 of 15 How to Curl and style short hair.

Curl and style short hair Part 2 of 15.

In this video, we learn how to style short hair for work. When you are styling short hair, it can be difficult at first but you can make it look great. Start out by straightening your hair and make sure it dry. Then, grab some rollers and place them in your hair at the top and keep them in place with some bobby pins. After this, you will spray hair spray on top of the curlers and leave them in while you are straightening the bottom of the front of the hair to create a shine. After this, take the curlers out of the hair and use a teasing comb to brush down the curls gently and create a tease.

In this tutorial, we learn how to style short hair in a classic Hollywood style. To start this look, pin your hair up in different layers and start off with the very bottom layer. Next, heat up a barrel roller until it hot. Next, grab a small piece of hair and place the barrel roller into it for several seconds until you feel the curl has settled in. After this, release your hair and spray hair spray into it. Your hair will come out with more of a crimp than a curl when you are finished, depending on how short your hair is. Continue this process throughout your entire head, and style when.

In this video, Stacy demonstrates how to get a curly hair style on short African American ethnic hair. The results are beautiful, though it doesn take long to do and requires only a few products. She has already relaxed her hair prior to recording, so her hair is straight and ready for styling. Stacy recommends using a wrap lotion designed for ethnic hair to help hold the style, such as Styling Finish Silky Hair Foam. After applying wrap lotion, separate small sections of hair using a rattail (or teasing) comb with a long tail. Once the desired section of hair is separated, curl using a slim.

The video starts out with Charmain introducing herself, stating she is about to do a quick tutorial on how to do a short sassy hairdo like the one she has. She advises to use a moisturizer right after showering. She is preparing to demonstrate the hair style on herself. She then sprays her hair with a spray moisturizer. She says to use pro style gel for the front of the hair and icing style for the back of the hair. She then demonstrates how to apply the gel. She demonstrated how to place her finger, then comb the hair in order to make the wave pattern for the finger wave. For the back of her.

To style short hair for an everyday look, first blow dry your wet hair with Bed Head Superstar Blow Dry Lotion. Then, using a hair straightener, straighten your hair on a curved angle. Roll your hair straightener on an 180 degree angle and lift your hair up. For your crown area, just lift and curve your hair backwards. Use the same process for your bangs. Using your hair straightener, just curl your bangs backwards. Next, to tease your hair, clip up half your hair because it makes it easier and quicker to achieve the style. Finally, using a comb and your favorite hair spray, tease your hair to.

The secrets to great looking long hair for guys

The secrets to great looking long hair for guys

Ever looked at that girl with great looking long hair and wondered why your hair seems dull, frizzy and disappointing by comparison? As a guy with long hair I was particularly jealous. Why didn’t my hair look as good as my girlfriend’s? I mean biologically speaking there’s no significant difference between male and female hair so the same results are possible right?

Even girls with wild curls seem to make the most out of it so how come when guys grow their hair it frequently gets consigned to the ponytail in a functional attempt to pretend we have it under control?

Well the truth is the secrets to great looking long hair are the same for guys as they are for girls. Girls who fail to observe these key points end up with bad hair just like guys. So I’m going to reveal to you the secrets of great looking long hair, which I gleamed from women.

The right cutGuys grow long hair and then don’t get it cut. We fall into this trap of believing that length is everything (typical guy right?) But girls get their hair cut regularly, even those with longhair, typical time between trims is 6 12 weeks.

Trims involve
facebook besthairbuy a minimal amount of cutting and are concerned with taking off dry, spilt and damaged ends and with maintaining shape, particularly around the face. Notice how girls tend to have shorter bangs? It frames the face and it works for guys too. Why does it work? Well surprise, surprise, we have faces too!

Girls are also willing to experiment; this is partly due to the fact that for most girls longhair has been the norm, whereas guys are more nervous and protective of their first time longhair. Fear prevents us accepting good advice. If a girl’s hair is too thick for her liking, she gets it ‘layered’, yet we fear this very word as synonymous with a high maintenance cut. More on layering in another hair care hub. But the bottom line is when it comes to hair cuts, guys are afraid of losing the hair they have grown.

The right hair care routineAt some point you’ve probably noticed that bewildering array of hair care products in a girl’s bathroom. Well, whilst at first glance this may well seem excessive, generally speaking each has a purpose, and the results will be far superior to your solitary bottle of Head and Shoulders 2in1.

Any self respecting hair care routine involves between 3 and 5 products.

(i) A shampoo matched to your hair type, idealy one you can’t buy in a supermarket.

(ii) A conditioner which compliments the shampoo, typically the same brand and for the same hair type. To be used after the shampoo has been rinsed out.

(iii) A ‘detangler’ a type of leave in conditioner that is designed to help you
wholesale wigs comb/brush your hair with less snagging and thus reduce damage. Used after you shower, whilst your hair is still damp and before combing out.

(iv) A deep conditioner, something used occasionally (once every 2 6 weeks) in addition to the regular shampoo+conditioner hair wash, its purpose to moisturise, protect and restore your hair.

(v) A heat protect serum, typically a spray used before heat styling, ie: hair dryer/ ghd straighteners. If you don’t use such styling tools you can forego this particular product.

Frequency is also important. If you use all these products on a daily basis your hair will become lank and lifeless, so it’s important to get into a routine of washing and conditioning your hair no more than 2 3 times a week and then using the other products as directed.

Brushing and combingAs a boy growing up I was taught to comb my hair before I left the house each morning, then again the
hair vendors next day. When I first grew out my hair I applied the same logic, but I’d find that by the end of the day my hair was a windswept mess and the next morning it was a battle to get a comb through it. Brushing morning and night can help with this problem.

The next thing to realise with long hair is that small barber’s fine toothed comb isn’t going to work any more, you need a wide tooth comb for detangling your hair after washing and a paddle brush to use morning and night.

Whilst sleeping, it’s also a good idea to tie your hair on top of your head and toss it over your pillow, this way you avoid tangling it as you toss and turn during the night.

The other key tips for brushing and combing are to start brushing the ends of your hair working up to the roots, this way you get the snags out of the bottom of the hair first and gradually work your way up.

The final simple rule? Wet hair gets combed, dry hair gets brushed. Following both these simple rules result in far less damage.

Styling Tools and Products. As guys we are naturally averse to using styling tools and products on our hair. We actively spread myths about the perils of heat styling whilst watching our girlfriends use the very same tools to achieve enviable results.

The hair dryer is not your enemy. Used correctly (and in conjunction with a heat protect serum) it can produce excellent results. A full tutorial is beyond the scope of this hub, but I’ll write another detailing the basic techniques.

Girls also appear to use a dangerous amount of hair spray. So much is consumed that you fear for their safety when they pass close to a naked flame. Still unless you work in a church or as a welder, the perils of naked flames in modern society are somewhat diminished and a ‘light hold’ conditioning spray can protect against the worst excesses of a blustery day. If it doesn’t well, there’s always the ponytail.

For curly and wavy hairstyles a mousse or gel can add control and definition. For straight hair, a little light wax applied to the ends can also help add definition and protect against tangles. Use of hair straightners together with heavier waxing can create more radical emo styles such as those sported by Toyko Hotel front man Bill Kaulitz in his earlier years.

Hair StylesFor guys with long hair the defacto styles are the ponytail and letting your hair hang loose. Girls in contrast, seem to be much more creative. What’s more these creative styles have practical benefits.

A braid (plait) for instance is a great way to protect your hair from tangling, so it’s a great choice for a windy day. It’s also a good option if you have wavy/curly hair as it takes advantage of your natural hair type. If you are worried it will look ‘girly’ then grow a beard to complement this very practical style.

The ‘half tail’, is a style popularised by footballer David Beckham and also by actor Tom Cruise in the films Magnolia and the Last Sumarai. This is where the hair from the top of the head is gathered at the back into a high ponytail and the lower layers allowed to hang loose. It’s a great option for guys as it keeps your hair out of your face, but still lets it fall around your shoulders.

Even the classic ponytail has its variants, the most notable been the height of the ponytail. Most people wrongly conclude that a higher ponytail is a more feminine style, so for most guys the hair is always tied at the base of the neck. The truth is the best position for you to tie your ponytail is largely determined by the shape of your head and the cut and length of your hair. (Layered cuts and longer hair can typically be tied in a higher ponytail, and higher ponytails suit people with a less prominent occipital bone.)

Another variant is how tightly you tie your hair back; a loose ponytail that lets your bangs work loose can give a more casual look. This again has practical benefits as it avoids stressing your hair by pulling it too tightly which can lead to damaged ends or traction alopecia, where hair is literally pulled out by its roots. (Common in Afro Caribbean and curly hair which is pulled back in a severe style).

ConclusionFor the most part, guys are new to growing long hair, whereas, most women have been doing it for all of their lives. As such to ignore what they can teach us is folly. After all, bio chemically their hair is no different to our own.