Bear attacks runner on trail north of Los Alamos

Bear attacks runner on trail north of Los Alamos

State Department of Game and Fish officers are searching for an adult black bear that attacked a 56 year old man Wednesday evening on a hiking trail near Los Alamos.

The Los Alamos man, whom the department would not identify, suffered deep flesh wounds and scratches to his head, chest and hands, and was being treated at Christus St. Vincent Hospital in Santa Fe, according to a news release. when he encountered a female bear and its cub on the trail, according to officer reports. The cub ran up a tree.

The victim tried to scare the female bear away by making noise, but the bear charged, knocking him into a streambed, and then started biting and clawing at his head.

A black bear not this one from a file photo attacked jogger near Los Alamos Wednesday evening.

When the bear stopped attacking and the victim tried to stand up, the bear attacked again and then walked away.

The victim was able to walk 2 miles back to his car, where he retrieved his personal identification and flagged down a motorist, who took him to Los Alamos Medical Center, the department said. The man was treated for his wounds before being taken to Christus St. Vincent Hospital in Santa Fe.

Bear hair samples were collected from the victim and his clothes to help identify the animal.

Game and Fish said conservation officers using dogs were searching for the bear Thursday with assistance from Los Alamos police and Los Alamos National Laboratory. If found, the bear will be tested for rabies, although rabies in bears is rare, according to a department news release.

The trail where the attack occurred, the Canyon de Valle Trail, was closed.

The incident was
facebook besthairbuy the third in the state this year in which a bear attack resulted in injuries to a human. In early July, a bear bit a Raton girl while she was sleeping in a tent outside her house. In early June, a bear attacked and scratched a man who was searching for antlers in Lincoln County.

Benefits of Vitamin E For The Hair And Skin

Benefits of Vitamin E For The Hair And Skin

There is both anecdotal and circumstantial evidence in abundance that vitamin E is good for the skin and hair, and it is often promoted as an active ingredient in moisturizers, wrinkle creams and hair products. The words to work though are a bit of an exaggeration as until now there is no scientific evidence to prove that topical use of vitamin E is necessary.

The essentials to maintain both healthy skin and hair are a healthy, nutritious well balanced diet, combined with drinking plenty of water. A healthy diet already provides all the vitamin E the body needs, so is indeed effective in keeping both skin and hair healthy. However there is no proof at all that vitamin E is effective in preventing hair loss or stimulating new hair growth.

wholesale virgin brazilian hair manufacturers claim that topical application of vitamin E is more effective for healthy skin than that provided by dietary needs, and there are both vitamin E oils and capsules which can be applied directly to the skin. It is said to be beneficial in reducing wrinkles and lines, and in helping scars to fade, and whilst there is no evidence that this is not the case, neither is there any scientific proof that it is.

It is said that vitamin E is anti aging, again without proof. However it is used widely in sun screens and it is thought that it may help protect the skin from skin cancers caused by the sun. Certainly the sun is the most aging thing for the skin, so if vitamin E is proven to be beneficial in protecting the skin from the sun then it would follow that it is indeed anti aging. Studies are continually being done.

Every woman uses some kind of moisturizer to combat dry skin and keep the skin hydrated externally and it is not detrimental to choose a product which is vitamin E enhanced. It is certainly worth using a vitamin E cream to help to prevent stretch marks as there is evidence that it is effective.

Hair products which have vitamin E as an active ingredient work to combat dry hair to improve the condition of hair. However as vitamin E is derived from oils such as olive oil and sunflower oil it is probably as effective to condition the hair directly with one of these. It is also derived from egg yolks and egg has long been promoted as a natural hair conditioner. As vitamin E is oil derived it certainly makes sense that it will improve the hairs condition especially after sun exposure, in much the same way it works as a moisturizer.

Although the claims of vitamin E as beneficial in moisturizers and hair products are unproven it could well be that a scientific study will confirm them, and using them certainly will not to any harm. By the same token applying vitamin E topically will not be as effective in keeping both the skin and hair in tip top condition as a healthy diet and plenty of water.

All Stars’ designer April Johnston weds in historic cemetery

All Stars’ designer April Johnston weds in historic cemetery

Congratulations are in order for "Project Runway" and "Project Runway: All Stars" alumna April Johnston. The 23 year old SCAD graduate, and fabric designer, was married on Friday to long time boyfriend Aaron Hoffman.

The slight rain did nothing to dampen the excitement as the ceremony took place
facebook besthairbuy outdoors in Savannah’s historic Bonaventure Cemetery. The bride, who most recently had been spotted sporting what she described as ‘mermaid blue’ hair, switched back to her trademark silver white hue for the wedding. Both the bride and her wedding party wore all black gowns of April Johnston’s own design. The long layered ball gowns fit in perfectly with Johnston’s Mangled Courtesan fashion line and have sparked some fan interest in the possibility of bridal wear being added to the line.

Bonaventure Cemetery is, arguably, Savannah’s most famous cemetery. The Victorian era cemetery spans over 100 acres and is the resting place for many famous southerners, including Academy Award winning lyricist Johnny Mercer, poet Conrad Aiken, and many Generals and politicians. It has been featured in countless films and played a starring role in John Berendt’s book, Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil. The book was later turned into a hit movie, which also filmed on location at the cemetery.

The ceremony at Bonaventure Cemetery was followed with a reception at Cha Bella, a Savannah eatery that focuses on serving local, seasonal, organic foods. Guests at the wedding included Johnston’s friends, family, and fellow Project Runway" designer Peach Carr.

Carr and Johnston became unlikely best friends while the two competed on "Project Runway: Season Eight". Since their time on the show the two have remained close friends, often showing together at the same events. Last spring several former "Project Runway" designers designed fantasy wedding gowns for Kate Middleton’s royal wedding and later auctioned off the looks. Several "Project Runway" designers have gone on to become big names in the bridal industry.

All You Need to Know About Hair Extensions And More

All You Need to Know About Hair Extensions And More

Did you know that the history of clip in hair extensions goes all the way back to the time of the ancient Egyptians? For hundreds of years, only people who were wealthy could afford to purchase these elegant hair pieces. But today, the game has changed altogether. Clip in hair extensions (human or synthetic), micro links, and other types of hair accessories have all become affordable enough so that they are accessible to women across different backgrounds and walks of life. Now anybody can enjoy them!

Hair extensions can be used for many reasons. These include providing a solution for women suffering from alopecia or slow growing hair, having an alternate look available for women who are always on the go, or wanting to experiment with a new hairstyle without having to make an actual change to your real hair. When it comes to clip in hair extensions, one can choose from either synthetic ones or those that are made of human hair.

Human hair extensions are often the preferred choice for many women as they are extremely long lasting and can endure heat and processing to achieve a variety of colours and textures. Unfortunately, the same cannot be said about synthetic extensions. Synthetic hair extensions tangle and mat easily and cannot withstand heat application or colour alteration. On the other hand, extensions that are made of human air can last for years provided that they are given proper care and maintenance. However, because of the said reasons, hair extensions that are made of human hair are slightly more expensive than synthetic ones.

Clip in hair extensions come
besthairbuy facebook in a wide range of colours and textures. When making a purchase, you need to consider these carefully if you want your extensions to look as natural as possible. In other words, people should not be able to distinguish the extensions from your natural hair, unless of course that is your goal. These days, with the sheer number of clip in hair extensions and micro links available, you should be able to find the colour and texture that is just right for you.

When it comes to application, extensions can be applied in several ways. The first is the bonding method. This method uses glue on the wefts of the extensions. These are then attached to small sections in the natural hair. The second method is the sew in method. Here, a hair weaving needle and thread are used
facebook besthairbuy to sew the wefts of the extensions into braids that are formed using the natural hair. Lastly, fusion the most expensive method among the three, utilises a special wax and applies the hair extensions to the roots of the natural hair.

Hair extensions are a very popular accessory among many women of different ages and lifestyles because of their ease of usability. They can be removed and worn back on anytime. Extensions also allow you to experiment with different hairstyles without running the risk of ruining your current haircut. Whether you are looking to attend a formal function or simply want to experiment with a different look for a night out with the girls, clip in hair extensions are exactly what you are looking for. What are you waiting for? Order yours today!

Thinning Hair or Losing Hair

Thinning Hair or Losing Hair

HeadPower Hair Clinic Scalp Micropigmentation is the Best Scalp Hair Tattoo Clinic in Toronto for your hair replacement and hair replication needs If you are suffering from baldness, hair loss, thinning hair, alopecia or alopecia universalis, HeadPower has the best permanent solution for you. What is Scalp Micropigmentation? Scalp Micropigmentation goes by many names, including: SMP, Medical Hairline Tattoo, Scalp Tattoo, Medical Hairline Restoration, and Hair Micro pigmentation Treatment. Regardless of the name, the treatment is the same. Scalp Micro pigmentation consists of using a fine tattoo needle that is the same shape and size as a hair follicle to implant pigment into the scalp. The scalp contains approximately 2000 hair follicles per square inch, and thus, the SMP Artist must tattoo thousands of microdots into the scalp, which gives the appearance of a freshly cut head of hair, or a Buzz cut. The results look very natural, and it is a much safer and better option that hair transplantation, hair plugs, toupee or wigs. Leaving no scarring and healing within days, not months or years. Why would I want Scalp Micropigmentation? The effects of balding in both Male and Female, can have devastating effects on ones self esteem, self confidence, and body image. Many clients feel embarrassed about having thinning hair, bald spots or other forms of baldness and have sought out many cures for baldness, including: Hair growth serums, Hair Transplants, Hair growth shampoos and conditioners, Hair plugs, etc, only to be very disappointed with the results or lack thereof. By having Scalp Micropigmentation Treatment, you can easily have the look of a freshly cut head of hair, instead of looking completely or partially bald. The appearance of this look is Powerful, Strong, Confident and Daring. SMP has shown to increase ones confidence and self esteem and give them a new outlook on life. What about Men and Women with Thinning Hair? SMP or Scalp Hair Tattoo works for both Men and Women of any age, skin type and skin color, and works at any stage of baldness. Many Men and Women come into the office with thinning hair in the top or crown area of the scalp. SMP works to create the appearance of density in the scalp by camouflaging the scalp with thousands of microdots. This effect creates hair density and fullness, giving the appearance of a full head of hair. HeadPower is the leader in Scalp Micropigmentation, and the only clinic in Toronto, Ontario to offer SMP and SMP Hair Density Treatments for Men and Women concerned with Baldness or Thinning Hair. Call us today at 1 888 977 6275 for your FREE Consultation and Scalp Evaluation.

Straightening frizzy hair without the formaldehyde

Straightening frizzy hair without the formaldehyde

In the quest for silky smooth locks, wavy haired women are paying small fortunes for salon treatments, ignoring health warnings and driving a moral rift in the beauty industry.

But there’s an awakening afoot on the high end, hair straightening front. Amid renewed health concerns, an alternative market is appealing to a new following, promising the holy grail of hair solutions: straightening products that don’t belch out cancer causing fumes.

It’s a winning pitch, because at the heart of the frizz free fuss is an effective, yet deadly, ingredient: formaldehyde. A known carcinogen, it’s also a strong preservative that delivers lasting results for products that restore natural keratin proteins to damaged hair shafts.

"Every company is working on (alternative treatments)," said Alexander Ptschelinzew, of Alexander’s of Australia salon in Fort Lauderdale, Fla. "Because there’s so much money to be made from it."

Not all keratin products use formaldehyde, but many of the longest lasting ones do, though mostly at "safe" levels. This despite strongly worded warnings, citations and national health alerts from the Food and Drug Administration and the Occupational Safety Health Administration over the Brazilian Blowout brand.

A formaldehyde free hair straightening in Fort Lauderdale, Fla. Below, the result.

Complicating the issue: Clients are willing to pay top dollar for Brazilian Blowout, long the hottest brand on the keratin products market $250 to $350 for the 90 minute treatment. Each 1 liter bottle costs the salon just $350, and yields about $9,000 in service sales, by some industry estimates.

So salons have broken into two camps: those that cater to a persistent demand for the popular formula, and those that refuse to use it.

"I think it’s our responsibility to not put (our clients) in danger, number one, and not to put ourselves in danger, either," said Henry Amador, who removed Brazilian Blowout products from his salon.

Grace Metzger at Salon Mantra in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida, after the new, safer, formaldehyde free hair straightening process is complete. (Ginny Dixon/Sun Sentinel/MCT)

He now uses Bumble and bumble, a formaldehyde free Estee Lauder brand that is among a growing cornucopia of alternatives vying for a piece of the straightener pie. Despite the blowup over Blowout, or perhaps because of it, Bumble and bumble’s CEO told Women’s Wear Daily in August that sales of smoothing treatments "are on fire." And the competition is fierce.

In 2009, there were just three in salon straightening systems on the market. In 2010, there were 19, a booming, high end service credited for driving a 4.5 percent growth in salon services in a down economy that usually hits such luxury businesses hard, according to Women’s Wear Daily.

In walks the formaldehyde free market with a timely angle. "the Queen of Curl," for example, offers a softening system that promises "smooth, frizz and formaldehyde free hair without any damage."

GKhair says its reformulated blend "contains all the benefits and features of formaldehyde, but without the use of formaldehyde."

Pantene Pro V says, "luckily, you won’t have to put your health in jeopardy to achieve frizz free locks" when using its specially formulated shampoo, conditioner and smoother.

Earlier this year, OSHA said its air tests found that workers in salons using Brazilian Blowout had been exposed to dangerous levels of methylene glycol, or liquid formaldehyde. The agency issued fines for multiple citations and a national health hazard alert. In August, the FDA warned the Brazilian Blowout company to stop misleading customers by misbranding itself as "formaldehyde free."

Brazilian Blowout CEO Mike Brady denies his product has failed any air standard tests and disputes the accuracy of OSHA’s results. In e mailed statements for this story, Brady said OSHA "has confirmed that Brazilian Blowout has passed 24 out of 24 controlled air monitoring tests," and that OSHA was reviewing its "faulty report," though he could offer no documentation for either claim.

OSHA spokeswoman Diana Petterson refuted both assertions and said the agency has warned Brady about making such "misleading and false statements" before.

Wig bank joins fight against cancer

Wig bank joins fight against cancer

The foundation recently received donations from the Glace Bay, Sydney River and North Sydney locations of Shoppers
wholesale virgin hair Drug Mart.

The wig bank will be located next to the well women’s clinic on the second floor of the Northside General Hospital.

Foundation spokesperson Lynn Clarke said the foundation is working on the
wholesale wigs logistics and appreciates that the local Shoppers Drug Marts have earmarked funds raised through the Tree of Life
wholesale brazilian hair weave campaign to the project over the next three years.

The wig bank will allow patients going through cancer treatment to chose a wig at no cost while undergoing chemotherapy.

"The diagnosis of cancer is a devastating one at anytime. The psychological impact can be as great as the disease itself. The loss of body image is very difficult for women who have most often already gone through body altering surgery," Clarke said. "Many women struggle with the loss of hair during chemotherapy treatments. Wigs can be expensive and out of reach financially for many women in the community."

She added that the Cape Breton Regional Hospital has had a wig bank in place for several years and it is very successful.

"Many women can benefit from a visit to the wig bank to select a wig that is similar to their own hair prior to treatment and sometimes a patient may go for a whole new look. The bank also supplies caps and scarves for women who prefer not to wear a wig."

In corporated in August 1992, the Northside Harbour View Hospital Foundation works with residents, local business and community groups to raise funds for improved health care at the Northside General and Harbour View hospitals.

Along with support through the purchase of medial equipment, the foundation also supports health care education, early cancer prevention clinics, palliative care and a rehabilitation department.

Female Citadel freshmen get ‘knob’ haircuts

Female Citadel freshmen get ‘knob’ haircuts

Four female freshmen Citadel cadets, known as "knobs," received haircuts normally reserved for male freshmen cadets Thursday, but for a good cause.After the cuts, the quartet donated the hair to Locks of Love, an organization that uses donated hair to create wigs and hair prosthetics for children who lose their hair during cancer treatment."I actually like it so far, I thought it was going to be really scary, but I’m okay, it’s just hair, it will grow back eventually," Cadet Ali Guild said.

I had decided a while ago that I was going to go to a military college or to an academy, or I was enlisting. So I was
tedhair like well I will grow it out and then my senior year I will cut it all off an donate it, and this is just a perfect opportunity to do that and I’m doing it among my fellow cadets which is great," Cadet Angie Rubino said.Normally female cadets must maintain a hair length of three inches on top and two inches along the sides. Male cadets must have their hair cut down to between one quarter to one half inch in length.The nickname "knob" refers to the look of the short hair. Sunday, state police say they were notified by the Greenville Police Department that the woman had been discovered in the rear seat of a vehicle. Sunday, state police say they were notified by the Greenville Police Department that the woman had been discovered in the rear seat of a vehicle.ISP: Increased vigilance leads to drop in holiday accidentsISP: Increased vigilance leads to drop in holiday accidentsUpdated: Sunday, December 27 2015 10:08 PM EST2015 12 28 03:08:37 GMTIndiana State Police use both DUI checkpoints and increased enforcement to catch drunk drivers but say that traditional street enforcement is the best tactic.

Indiana State Police use both DUI checkpoints and increased enforcement to catch drunk drivers but say that traditional street enforcement is the best tactic.KSP: Number of highway fatalities up from last yearKSP: Number of highway fatalities up from last yearUpdated: Sunday, December 27 2015 10:02 PM EST2015 12 28 03:02:32 GMTTroopers predict 730 people will be killed in accidents
virgin brazilian hair wholesale on Kentucky roadways by the end of the year.Troopers predict 730 people will be killed in accidents on Kentucky roadways by the end of the year.Pike Co. family taking a stand against cancer in memory of sonPike Co. family taking a stand against cancer in memory of sonUpdated: Sunday, December 27 2015 9:26 PM EST2015 12 28 02:26:27 GMTA Pike County family is taking a stand against brain cancer by starting a campaign to raise money for research.A Pike
wholesale clip in hair County family is taking a stand against brain cancer by starting a campaign to raise money for research.

High Quality Human Hair In Stock Lace Wigs Www

High Quality Human Hair In Stock Lace Wigs Www

Jan. I would like to introduce us as a professional lace wigs manufacturer and supplier, and sincerely hope to build a great business relationship with you!

Please go to our website to see our lace wigs. Here I would like to introduce our products a bit more, and hope this will be helpful.

2) Any hairstyle (special bangs or cuts) can be made according to the customers’ needs or the hairstyle pictures. The curls keep well even after many washes and the hair is soft, shining without any tangling

3) Invisible Swiss lace or French
hair distributors lace match skin color/full skin cap like real skin. The lace material we used is real French lace or Swiss lace which is different from those fake imitated lace, having the best quality, most durable in strength, extremely invisible and natural !!! The lace seems disappeared when you put it onto your skin!!!

4) Flawless natural looking hairline. No one will ever guess that you were wearing a wig!!!

5) Each hair individually implanted and hand tied. The knots are the most invisible, finest and strongest

6) Bleached knots , unbelievable natural

7) Custom made to your hair length,
wholesale brazilian lace closure, highlights, cap size and lace color etc.

8) We take honest method to measure the hair length. Every strand of hair should reach the ordered hair length

We have over 1000+ in
wholesale wigs stock lace wigs optional available. And all of them are ready to ship. You can choose your favorite color, hair texture and your best fit length etc. Whatever colors, hair textures and lengths you choose from the options, you can receive your wigs in time.

Satisfaction is our guarantee. Premium quality, punctual delivery, lowest prices and great ready to ship stock lace wigs options are our biggest advantages. We have listened to our customers for years. We offer premium lace wigs and services based on our years of experience in the hair industry and lace wig business. Since 1994, we have been one of the biggest manufacturers of wigs,toupees, hair extensions, hair pieces and hair accessories in China, enjoying a good reputation as a big reliable suppiler to our clients around the world.

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Best Hair Colors For Women Over 40

Best Hair Colors For Women Over 40

Choosing the perfect hair color for your skin tone may be the most painless way to look decades younger. Here’s why: As we get older, our complexions become duller and paler, and having the wrong hair color can worsen the effect by washing you out, says Kari Hill, a colorist at Meche Salon in Los Angeles and Haircolor Ambassador for Loreal Paris USA. The solution: choose shades that flatter your skin tone (if the veins on the inside of your forearm appear blue, your undertone is cool. If they look green, you have warm undertones). The wrong tone isn’t
wholesale brazilian hair the only aging color gaffe you can make though. Sharp contrasts between the color of your hair and skin are visually jarring, so they accentuate imperfections like dark circles and wrinkles, adds John Diaz, MD, a plastic surgeon in Beverly Hills, CA. Put on some plastic gloves or book an appointment with your colorist these celeb inspired hair hues will help you find your most flattering (and age reversing) shade yet.

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